Tri Electronics GT-EXPRESS Mini Electronic Gold Tester Karat Testing Machine New

  • $ 150.00

Tri Electronics GT Express 10k-14k-18k Gold

The Tri Electronics GT Express is the newest gold tester in the Tri Electronics line, built to be an inexpensive but accurate tool for quickly identifying the karat gold content of jewelry.

Based on the same technology as the more expensive GXL 18 and GXL 24 gold testers, the GT Express uses a non toxic liquid to measure the electrical conductivity of the jewelry item being tested.

The GT Express uses that measurement to give you an indication of gold karat content.

The GT Express will test for 10K and above, 14K and above and 18K and above. W

hen the light indicates 10K, the item can be said to test at 10K to 13K gold content.

When the 14K light is illuminated, the item can be said to test at 14K to 17K, when the 18K light is on, the item can be said to be 18K gold content or above.