Gemro Sparkle 3 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner

Gemro Sparkle 3 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Only GemOro Powerful Ultrasonics offer all these unequaled features:
• Proprietary super high-performance industrial strength transducers
• Dual cleaning performance modes - Power Sweep(tm) and Turbo Sweep(tm) Technology
• Optical Pulse Energy Indicator(tm) with Bright Blue LED Bar Graph (except 1.5PT)
• Heavy-duty stainless steel outer cabinet
• Dura-Heat(tm) Long-life built-in heater (except 1.5PT)
• Chemical resistant Rocker Shield switch guard boot covers
• Non-corrosive drain (except 1.5PT and 2QTH)
• Auto load self-tuning
• 0-60 minute timer (except 1.5PT)
• Removable stainless steel cover
• External fuse for easy access and special internal fuse for ultimate protection
• Rubber feet for secure placement
• Stainless steel lids are standard with all models and help reduce evaporation.
• Illuminated heater and turbo switch
• The best warranty on the market: 2.5 years on the unit and 10 years on the transducer
• Designed and quality made with pride in the USA

Product Model Codes
PTSS = Pint / Stainless Steel
QTHSS = Quart / Timer / Heat / Stainless Steel

Model: 3QTHSS
Capacity: 3-Quart / 0.75 Gallon
Tank: 9 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 4"
Watts: 100
Weight: 9 lb.
Heater, timer, stainless steel cover and drain.
Basket sold separately. (Stock #1711)
Stock #1724

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