Foredom Z-37-959 Super Bond FIlm Tape

Foredom Z-37-959 Super Bond FIlm Tape

  • $ 29.95

The recommended method for creating the sanding/polishing band for our Finger Sanders is to cut the polishing paper to the correct width for the whole 11 length of the polishing paper. Determine the uncoated side of the polishing paper so that you are taping the paper only side and not the abrasive polish side.

Meet the ends of the paper squarely and take a 3
strip of the 3M SUPER BOND TAPE and tape the ends together. The tape should go lengthwise with tape extending 1-1/2 up both ends of the paper. Check to make sure that no tape is exposed from the outer edge of the polishing paper.

Make sure that when mounting the band on the Finger Sander that the abrasive side is facing outward. You might need to turn it inside out. It is recommended that the section of tape that is used is clean and not previously stuck on another item such as a finger.

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