Foredom M.BL-2 Bench Lathe, 230V - International

Foredom M.BL-2 Bench Lathe, 230V - International

  • $ 215.00

Use Product Options Menu to Select Power Cord Plug Style:

M.BL-21 United Kingdom, CE Compliant,

M.BL-22 Continental European CE Compliant,

M.BL-26 Australian,

M.BL-32 Israeli.

The M.BL Bench Lathe has a high torque, permanent magnet motor that is extremely quiet and smooth running. Cast iron base has mounting holes and suction cup feet for a secure hold on the work surface.
Comes with precision machined A-TM-5 and A-TM-6 Tapered Spindles for holding buffs and wheels up to 4" in diameter. Other accessories including collet holders and wheel mandrels are available.

Two Year Limited Warranty.


  • 1/6 horsepower, high torque motor
  • 230 Volt CE rated, 125 Watts (continuous rating)
  • Speed Range: 500-7,000 rpm
  • Motor shaft diameter:  5/16"
  • Height: 5-1/8", Width:  13" between spindles
  • Weight:  7.5 lbs

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