Foredom K.EMX-50 Dial Speed Control with Handpiece and Chisels

Foredom K.EMX-50 Dial Speed Control with Handpiece and Chisels

  • $ 206.00

Kit includes C.EMX-1 Dial Speed Control, H.50 Chisel Handpiece and the following 11 Chisels: A-KC503, A-KC504, A-KC505, A-KC506, A-KC509, A-KC510, A-KC501, A-KC502, A-KC507, A-KC508, and A-KC511.

Foredoms Chisel Handpiece gives a power assist to carving in all types of wood, plastic, plaster and soft carving stone. The H.50 is a reciprocating hammer type handpiece that requires a light pressure to engage the hammering chisel action. It attaches to a Foredom or other flex shaft with a standard key tip shaft. Shaped like the popular H.44T, it has a unique, rugged textured plastic

barrel and tapered aluminum tip.
The Chisel Handpiece is recommended for use with the 1/3 HP Series TX or 1/6 HP Series SR motors inforward rotation only.
For optimum performance use between 1,000 8,000 rpm.
We recommend the use of a bench top dial speed control, in place of the more common foot pedal, to run steady within the recommended speed range. Carvers can set and maintain any desired speed when connected to a dial control.
Kit K.EM-50 is for use with Series SR, S, CC, and other 'universal motors'. Kit KEMX-50 is for Series TX, LX and other 'permanent magnet' motors.

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