Foredom K.1080 Hammer Micromotor Kit, Domestic and 230V - Int'l Models

Foredom K.1080 Hammer Micromotor Kit, Domestic and 230V - Int'l Models

  • $ 820.00

Use Product Options Menu to Select Plug Option:
K1080 : 115 Volt (Domestic Model) North American Plug,
K1080-21 : UK Plug CE Model,
K1080-22 : Continental European Plug CE Model or
K1080-26 : Australian Plug

Ideal for stone setting applications and engraving techniques that require a hammering action. Hammer can be varied from 0-5,000 strokes per minute.
Stone Setting/Engraving Micromotor Kit 1080 includes:
1. MH-011 Hammer Handpiece
2. HP4-917 Control Unit (this is the same control unit that comes inMicromotor Kits K.1020, K.1070 and K.1090)
3. H8-214Graver Holder
4. Accessories described below
Two Year Limited Warranty
This Hammer Action micromotor is ideal for stone setting applications and engraving techniques. The force of the impact of the MH-011reciprocating handpiece can be adjusted from light to full by turning the metal ring while the motor is off or running. The speed of the hammer action can also be varied from 0-2,500 strokes per minute with the dial on the control unit. Used with thesupplied Graver Holder, the handpiece becomes a precision power engraver- no need for an air compressor or a flexible shaft drive.

MH-011 Reciprocating Handpiece:

Has a slender contoured grip and impact adjustment ring for precise hammering work. Operates from 0-2,500 strokes per minute. Specs- 6-1/4" overall length, 9/16" grip diameter, 1" motor diameter, 13oz/369 gr., 1.5 amps (115V) .75 amps (230V).

H8-214 Graver Holder:

Screws into the front end of the handpiece and converts it into a power engraving tool. Comes with 5/64" allen key (graver not included).


Accessories in Kit K.1080:
3-Anvil Points with Threaded Shanks p/n HP10177K
1-Adapter for Threaded Anvil Point p/n HPH8-32 (installed)
1-Adapter for Non-Threaded Shank Accessories p/n HPH8-35
1-Graver Holder with Allen Key p/n HPH8-214
1-5mm Open End Wrench p/n HPH8-38, Handpiece Cradle p/n HP4-933, Spare Motor Brushes p/n HP813514, 2 Pins used to tighten Anvil Points, 1-Anvil Point Holder used for shaping the point.

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