Foredom EXL Unitized Wheel, 3", Medium or Coarse

Foredom EXL Unitized Wheel, 3", Medium or Coarse

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A-5587: Medium Grit, Medium Hardness

A-5588: Coarse Grit, Hard Hardness

3M Scotch-Brite EXL Unitized Wheel, 3" dia, 1/2" thick, 1/4" arbor hole. Made with Aluminum Oxide grain, Medium and Coarse Gits, and Medium/Hard (density/hardness rating of 6 on scale of 2 to 8 from soft to hard). Made in USA. See speed rating below.
Use on Foredom M. BL Bench Lathe. Mount directly onto tapered spindle or use A-WM-5 or A-WM-6 Wheel Mandrel.
EXL Unitized Wheels are ideal for light deburring, oxide and fire-scale removal, cleaning, blending, and decorative finishing. They are made of non-woven fiber, coated with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive in fine, medium, or coarse grades. They run cool and should only be used dry. They are defined by abrasive material, grade, and density or hardness. Softer densities are best for decorative finishing as they conform more readily to contour surfaces and create a more uniform finish. Harder wheels are better for more difficult blending, surface cleaning, and deburring.
Recommended working speeds vary depending on the desired finish and type of metal. Slow speeds of 500 3,000 sfpm are best for softer metals and composites while higher speeds of 3,700 8,500 sfpm work better for harder metals. Certain speeds produce better results for specific types of operations such as high speed for blending surface imperfections.
3" wheels can be mounted directly on to the spindles of Foredom's M.BL Bench Lathe or with A-WM-5 and A-WM-6 wheel mandrels.

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