Foredom Chuck Arbor, Right Side

Foredom Chuck Arbor, Right Side

  • $ 51.00

Use Product Options Menu to Select Chuck Arbor that is a Right Side Attachment ONLY (As you face it):

A-JCA-2:current lathes- built in 2002 and later with 5/16" motor shafts or

A-JCA-1:lathes older than 2002 with 1/4" motor shafts

Current models of BL Lathes refers to models built in 2002 and later. These lathes have 5/16" motor shafts. Older models (including Nos. 1 & 5 High Speed Bench Grinders) have 1/4" motor shafts and were built before 2002.

Adjusts to hold accessories with shanks from 0-5/32". Comes with chuck key.

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