Foredom 2" Screw-Lok Abrasive Pad Assortment Kit, 6-pc

  • $ 16.80

Includes 1 ea of A-3512 (Ultra Rough), A-3514 (Rough), A-3522 (80 grit), A-3524 (120 grit), A-3526 (240 grit) and A-3527 (320 grit).
Long lasting, aggressive discs for tough blending and finishing applications. Ideal for deburring, oxide and fire scale removal, cleaning, blending and smoothing. Layered, durable, unitized and non-woven type with Screw-Lok backing for secure and easy attachment to A-69225 Screw-Lok Mandrel (available separately). 10,000 RPM Max Speed. Use with A-69225 Disc Mandrel when mounting disc onto Angle Grinder.

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