Foredom 2" Abranet Sanding Screens 80, 120, 180, 240, 320 grit, 5-Pks

  • $ 5.43

Use Product Options Menu Above to Select Grit:

A-10032-5: 80 grit

A-10033-5: 120 grit

A-10034-5: 180 grit

A-10035-5: 240 grit

A-10036-5: 320 grit

5-Pks of 2" Abranet Sanding Screens. 15,000 RPM Max Speed.

Abranet Sanding Screens are made of aluminum oxide grain abrasive coating bonded to a unique, durable, open construction polyamide fabric for uniform sanding. Tap or blow it out to clean dust from sanding. MUST be used with A-10042 Disc Holder Protector Pad. Screens will NOT clog- even on wet or green wood. Can also be used with Optional Velcro Sanding Heads.

1. For Use in Handpieces: Use with A-M338 and M33 Mandrels when mounting discs directly into Flex Shaft Handpieces.
For Use on BL Bench Lathe: Use with A-M33 Mandrel and A-CHA-5 Collet Holder when mounting discs for use on Bench Lathe.
3. For Use on Angle Grinder Attachment: Use with A-69222 Disc Mandrel when mounting discs onto Angle Grinder. If a Sanding Screen is installed Off Center it can cause vibration, premature wear of the sanding screen and the mandrel, and it may hit the safety shield when it rotates.
To properly install the sanding screen:
Carefully line up the sanding screen and protector pad with the disc mandrel so that the mandrel is centered on the surface of the mandrel. An even, exposed edge will be visible around the mandrels edge. (approximately 1.5mm of the screen should extend past the outer edge of the A-69222 mandrel.) If it looks off center, remove and replace it until it looks centered. When the screen is centered press down to secure it to the surface.

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