E.C. Moore's Adalox Aluminum Oxide Coarse Medium Fine 7/8'' Sanding Disc Box 600

  • $ 54.45

Box of 600 New Moore's Adalox Abrasive Snap On Discs. 

This is a one new box of 600 Moore's Adalox abrasive discs. 

These snap on and off the mandrel.

The aluminum oxide grit mounted on the thin backing provides excellent results in sanding and smoothing operations. 

The flexible backing allows accessibility to hard to get at areas. 

Fits on to a 3/32" (2.5 mm) shank and measure approximately 7/8" (22 mm) in diameter.

Comes in the following grits 

Fine, Medium, Coarse,

91-054-A-C Adalox Coarse Red 7/8" Brass 600

91-054-A-M Adalox Medium Yellow 7/8" Brass 600

91-054-A-F Adalox Fine Green 7/8" Brass 600