Best Built BB70M Computerized Engraver/Cutter

  • $ 8,495.00

BB70 is a multifunctional engraving and cutting machine that engraves on pendants, flasks, watch cases, and the inside and outside of rings and bangles. The BB70M will create beautiful and indelible letters, as well as patterns, quickly and easily. It can also do 2D cutting on gold, sliver, brass, wax, acrylic, and wood. 

With some some design capability of the user the BB70M can create nameplate and monogram jewelry.  An advanced user can even do 3D wax carving.      
    • Cut nameplate jewelry
    • Engrave deep enough for enamel inlay
    • Engrave inside of rings
    • Engrave or cut outside of rings
    • Engrave bangles
    • Virtually unlimited fonts
    • Includes MagicArt Software
    • Compatible with 3rd party software  for wax carving (Rhino, etc)
    • 15,000 RPM
    • Machine weight 72LB
    • Dual Voltage100-240V, 50/60H
    • Max. Engraving Area 5.51"(X) x 3.94"(Y) x 1.51"(Z)
    • Overall Dimensions 15.5515.55"(W) x 14.76(H) x 15.51"(D)
    • Resolution(XY) 0.005mm / (Z) 0.00125mm
    • Rotary 40mm(X)Max. Cylinder Outside Diameter: 77mm / Max. Cylinder Inside Diameter: 77mm



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