Best Built BB50M Computerized Engraver Flat & Inside Ring

  • $ 5,995.00

BB50M is a versatile engraver that engraves on pendants, the inside and outside of rings and bangles, pens, watches, ID bracelets, and much more! It can also create designs and patterns, as well produce logos and images. The BB50M is quiet and compact. Software (MagicArt) is included. 

The Best Built engraver features an intuitive Windows based software system that provides the user with options not possible on a manual engraver. This combination unit will engrave on flat and round surfaces as well as inside and outside of rings. Never before has so much engraving potential been put into one machine for such a low price.

All you need to start engraving is a Windows based PC with a USB connection. The system includes software that is easy to install and operate. You are ready to start engraving in no time at all.


  • Flat, curved, inside ring and outside ring engraving
  • Easily replaceable diamond Tip
  • Includes all necessary vises, clamps and jigs for holding work
  • Flat engraving area is 4" (100mm) x 4-1/2" (113mm)
  • Use any Fontsavailable fromyour personal computer
  • Additional Fonts available through web downloads forfree
  • Import JPEG and BMP images fromany online source
  • Laser centering for perfectengraving
  • Variable depth feature allowsfor engraving on uneven surfaces likeID bracelets
  • Runssmooth and quiet
  • Net weight 65 lbs (30 Kilos)
  • Overall Dimensions15.5" (395mm)W x 14.75" (375mm)H x 15.5" (394mm)D
  • Resolution(XY) 0.005mm / (Z)0.00125mm
  • Weight68 lbs

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