8 Ring Magnetic Tumbler - Single speed

8 Ring Magnetic Tumbler - Single speed

  • $ 299.99

These Super Finish magnetic tumblers have a small foot print but do big things. A heavy
duty motor provides robust power while the faceted bowl maximizes rotational action.

Exclusive magnetic head design also incorporates vertical pin action allowing the
finisher to add high polish finish on many pieces including filigree work.

The bowl holds 8 rings per batch using 60-70 grams of stainless steel pins designed to achieve a high
shine finish even in hard to reach places, this finisher includes 65 grams of 0.5mm x 5mm
stainless steel pin media.

In addition to all the peace of mind our design upgrades give you, each magnetic tumbler
is backed by Arbe Machine Mfg.,Inc with a 1 year warranty.


Model # KMT-15
Machine Size 6.5”L x 8”W x 8”H
Bowl Size 4”Dia x 3.5”H
Timer 0-60Minute
Capacity 8 rings— 65 grams (pins) 
Speed Single Speed (3450RPM)

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