3QTH Next- Gen Gemoro Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

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Includes Stainless Steel Ultrasonic, Sound Proof Lid, Power cord and User Manual Stamp tank without a welding gap for better water proof. (9 1/2” x 5 1/2” x 4”) Thermostatically controlled VARI-TEMP heaters may be adjusted as you like Overheat protector Moisture-proofed PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Automatically Ultrasonic Frequency Tracking Time Regulation Knob 0 to 60 minutes Heat Regulator Knob 70-170°F Switch: Turbo Sweep, OFF and Power Sweep. Auto degassing and Auto load Self tuning. Ultrasonic machines are used in many industries to remove difficult contaminants from parts during or after manufacturing and with cleaning and repair.. You may choose to enhance your cleaning using a standard washing liquid, liquid soap or detergent into the water. For extensive cleaning you may use a specialist cleaning solution made for ultrasonic machines. Remember cleaning solutions will deteriorate over time and use. Do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaning produts on/in the tank. Use of an Ultrasonic cleaning machine will produce faster and mor thorough results when compared to traditional solvent/scrubbing methods thus saving employee time and money. The Gemoro Next-Gen Ultrasonic is easy to use: Unpack Place Ultrasonic Cleaner on flat clean surface free from obstructions. Connect Power Cord to back of the Ultrasonic Cleaner Fill at least 1/2 of the tank with a solvent solution. for tough cleaning use small amount of washing up liquid to increase the cleaning performance. (Optional) Select temperature using the Heater Knob, you may choose to preheat the solution a few minutes prior to use. Select time with the Timer Knob Select Turbo Sween "high power" (100%) or Power Sweep "low power" (50%) When Cleaning is completed, turn off power, unplug and retrieve items from the tank. Empty tank and clean both inside and out and dry machine with a dry cloth.