Sterling Silver Kidney Ear Wire 35.0mm (0.76mm)

Sterling Silver Kidney Ear Wire 35.0mm (0.76mm)

  • $ 4.70

35.0mm Kidney Ear Wire (0.76mm)

Priced as Pack of 4 Pieces

Our sterling silver kidney ear wire is extra long for an eye-catching look and features a loop for attaching drops or dangles. The kidney ear wire offers a horizontal hook that keeps the earring closed and secure while worn—if desired, adjust the loop closed to securely hold the drop or open to make it easy to change dangles and offer customers a selection of drops and dangles they can mix and match as they please.


  • Metal type : Sterling silver
  • Metal color : White
  • Karat/purity : 925
  • Post/wire size : .030"
  • Style : Ear wire
  • Dimensions : 35.0mm
  • Country of origin : United States

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