16 Punch Bezel Setting Tool Set In Wood Box With Handle & Punches Sizes 2mm-9mm

  • $ 29.95

16 Pcs Set Prong Closing Punch Set Punch Sizes: 2mm - 2.75mm - 3.00 - 3.75mm - 4.5mm - 4.75 - 5mm - 5.25mm - 5.5mm - 6mm - 6.5mm - 7mm - 7.5mm - 8mm - 8.5mm - 9mm Chuck Handle Included Comes in a Wooden Storage Box Bezel Setting Set consists of 16 concave steel punches for closing round bezels around stones precisely and uniformly. Set can also be used for tube settings as well as to close the prongs of a setting. The size of the punches range from 2.00 to 9.00 mm. Set comes in a wooden box and includes hardwood handle to hold the individual tools.

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