Gold Silver Platinum Testing Acids 6 Bottles 6 Scratch Test Stones Precious Kit

  • $ 19.95

This is the best way to test your metal 1 stone for each bottle this way you do not mix solutions and get mixed results.

Use each solution with it's dedicated stone receive proffesional results.

10k, 14k ,18k ,22K, Platinum, Silver, and Scratch Testing Stone

Fresh from the Factory This Comes with  6 testing stone size 2" x 1.5" (Keep in mind stones are natural and may chips or imperfections when received)

Each bottle has 1/2 fl oz of acid. The sturdy plastic bottles maximize safety and allow the user to easily squeeze out one drop at a time.
All bottles have different cap colors to help keep acid karats organized easier 

Latex Gloves are recommended with the use of any testing acids for safety

You will receive:

1 bottle of 10k testing acid

1 bottle of 14k testing acid

1 bottle of 18k testing acid

1 bottle of silver testing solution

1 bottle of platinum testing solution

1 bottle of 22k testing solution

6 Scratch Testing Stone 2 x 1.5" (Stones are Natural May Have Small Chips Will Not Affect Testing)

Testing Instructions can be emailed upon request.

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