Medal/Ring Engraving - UT-50P

  • $ 5,995.00

UT 50 Pro Driver Series
UT-50 is discontinued and is replaced with UT-50 P

Our UT-50P is the next generation of our original computerized engraver. The UT-50P features two important upgraded features.

  • First, this new model has a more precise and powerful rotary driver. The result is more clarity in ring engraving.
  • The second new feature is a manual height adjustment on the engraving stylus. This feature allows the 

UT-50P to engrave items with more depth, such as flasks and small picture frames.

Major customers:

  • The jewelry stores engraving words in internal/external diameter of a ring ordered by customers, 
  • Jewelry store engraving words in the products ordered by customers (necklaces, pendants), 
  • The store engraving dog tag, necklace for child loss prevention, lost-and-found badge, 
  • The users of manual panto-graph(an engraving machine), and manual hand-piece.


  • Engraving in internal diameter of a ring, engraving in external diameter of a ring, engraving in jewelry medal, pendant.
  • Engraving of dog tag, necklace for child loss prevention and various metal materials.


  • It can engrave in both internal and external diameter of a ring. 
  • It engraves bangle upto 76mm in diameter.
  • It’s given with a finger for fastening rings of various sizes and styles.
  •  It’s used for engraving in every metal material such as gold, silver, copper, stainless etc.
  • It engraves in various fonts including cursive script, Gothic type.
  • It engraves symbols, Chinese characters, patterns, and all sort of marks.
  • Engraving by diamond tool leaves glossy mark on the engraved surface.
  • The depth of engraving is sufficient enough to be indelible.
  • The material of engraving never to be discolored.
  • It engraves on a curved surface. 
  • Engraving at less than a minute -ultrahigh speed.
  • It’s almost noiseless engraving machine.
  • Its 4 sensors automatically measure the material and tool prior to engraving.
  • Its laser pointer points to the area of engraving for easy and errorless engraving.
  • It has minimized consumable parts.
  • It’s given with S/W for easy use.


  • Size (W)380*(H)290*(D)260mm
  • Max. Engraving Area (W)120*(D)100mm
  • Flat 120mm(X) x 100 mm(Y) x 30mm(Z) 
  • Rotary 40mm(X) 
  • Cylinder Outside Diameter: 50mm 
  • Cylinder Inside Diameter: 14~25mm
  • Tool 3.15mm
  • Weight 25kg
  • Resolution XY 0.005mm, Z: 0.00125mm
  • Power 100-240V, 50/60Hz

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